4-5T 4-wheel Electric Forklift
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Italy ZAPI Full AC System
The ZAPI (Italy) controller is worldwide No.1 in electric forklift field, with all AC motors in driving and lifting. It provides best performance and lowest service cost.

Comfortable Seat with OPS System
All our forklifts are equipped with Toyota Seat with OPS (Operator Presence Sensing) system, providing maximum comfort and safety.

Smart LCD Screen
It has a smart meter that can display system information such as power, time of use and fault codes. At the same time, the parameters of the whole vehicle can be adjusted, and the maximum driving speed can be adjusted according to the gear position when using, which greatly facilitates the operation under different working conditions.

Available in Cold-storage (Optional)
Cold-storage model is optional to meet all your need.

Model designation FE40 FE45 FE50
Rated capacity kg 4000 4500 5000
Load center mm 500 500 500
Lift height mm 3000 3000 3000
Overhead guard(cabin) height mm 2353 2353 2353
Height, mast lowered mm 2320 2320 2320
Height, mast extended mm 4120 4120 4120
Fork size mm 1070x150x50 1070x150x50 1070x150x55
Turning radius mm 2675.5 2675.5 2735.5
Overall length mm 2958 2958 3058
Overall width mm 1479 1479 1479
Battery voltage V/Ah 80/700 80/700 80/700
Service weight kg 6425 6765 7100
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