1.5-2T 4-wheel Electric Forklift
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Italy ZAPI Full AC System
The ZAPI (Italy) controller is worldwide No.1 in electric forklift field, with all AC motors in driving and lifting. It provides best performance and lowest service cost.

2T Forklift Standard With Solid Tires
Our 2T forklift is standard with solid tires, providing better load capacity and lower service cost.

Easy To Operate
The steering wheel is adjustable, the driving space is large, the brake acceleration pedal is optimally arranged, and the new instrument position is innovatively designed, bringing a new driving experience.

Integrated Safety Guard
Strong integrated safety guard protects driver to operate safety.

Model designation FE15 FE20
Controller ZAPI AC ZAPI AC
Rated capacity kg 1500 2000
Load center mm 500 500
Lift height mm 3000 3000
Overhead guard(cabin) height mm 2170 2170
Height, mast lowered mm 2170 2170
Height, mast extended mm 4010 4010
Fork size mm 920x100x40 920x100x40
Turning radius mm 2060 2145
Overall length mm 2165 2280
Overall width mm 1085 1085
Battery voltage V/Ah 48/385 48/450
Service weight kg 2670 3250
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