2.0T Full Electric Stacker
• Imported CURTIS AC controller and MOSFETS drive have functions of stepless speed regulating and reverse braking.
• The hydraulic power unit, power of 3.0 KW, ensures stable and reliable lifting and lowering when loaded.
• High-performance storage batteries, with capacity of 280AH, have a good cycle performance, strong ability to recover from deep discharging, and long service life.
• The main mast is made by 12#U-steel, with the leg thickness of 21.3 mm. The high strength of the truck body ensures the stability of heavy duty stacker.
ES2032 ES2036
Load capacity
2000 2000
Lifting height
3200 3600
Load center mm 967 600
Service weight kg 1007 967
Height of mast, extended mm 3687 4087
Height of mast, lowered
2127 2327
Overall length mm 1914(2314) 1914(2314)
Overall width mm 805 805
Aisle width for pallets 1000*1200 crossways mm 2230 2230
Aisle width for pallets 800*1200 lengways mm 2280 2280
Turning radius mm 1460 1460
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