1.6T Full Electric Stacker
• Imported CURTIS AC controller and MOSFETS drive have functions of stepless speed regulating and reverse braking.
• The drive system is quick in action, with strong overload capacity and smooth output, effectively extending the service life of the battery.
• The hydraulic power unit, power of 3.0 KW, ensures stable and reliable lifting and lowering when loaded.
• The main mast is made by 12# U-steel. The high strength of the truck body ensures the stability when operating.
ES1646 ES1655
Load capacity Kg 1600 1600
Load capacity on Max. Height Kg 800 500
The max. lifting height mm 4600 5500
Load center distance mm 600 600
Fork length mm 1150 1150
Single fork width mm 180 180
Overall fork width mm 570/695 570/695
Lowered fork height mm 86 86
Fixed leg length mm 875 875
Single fixed leg width mm 124 124
Inside width between fixed legs mm 266/391 266/391
Outside width of fixed legs mm 514/639 514/639
Aisle width for pallets 1000*1200 crossways mm 2458 2458
Aisle width for pallets 800*1200 lengways mm 2398 2398
Turning radius mm 1620 1620
Front wheel size, number
Φ80*70、4 Φ80*70、4
Rear wheel size, number
Φ250*80、1 Φ250*80、1
Balance wheel size, number
Φ150*58、2 Φ150*58、2
Overall length(with Pedal unfolded) mm 1984(2384) 1984(2384)
Overall width mm 1050 1050
Extended mast height mm 5100 6000
Lowered mast height mm 2098 2398
Battery voltage(dimensions) mm 24V/280AH(1010/212/465) 24V/280AH(1010/212/465)
The controller V/Ah 24V/200A 24V/200A
The charger V/Ah 24V/40A 24V/40A
Working time of fully charged batteries h 5 5
Service Weight Kg 1410 1510
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